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    We empower ourselves by absorbing, training, self-enriching, and dedication

    Technical Services

    Lakestar provides CRO and CDMO services for the synthesis of small molecular drugs and drug intermediates. With the help of a strong technical team led by scientists returned from US and Canada, we are very capable in carrying out process research and development, analytical control, and effective manufacturing. We are able to bring lab process to manufacture effectively. We understand the importance of cost, quality, and delivery time to new drug development, and keep on doing our best to meet our customers' requirements. Through competitive price, high quality, and on time delivery, Lakestar has provided excellent services to nearly 100 pharmaceutical and biotech companies in China and overseas, and maintains good partnership.

    Small Molecule Drug (API) Development

    Route evaluation and selection

    Optimization of key process parameters, and strategies for process control

    Studies of polymorphs and final forms

    API formulations

    Synthesis of impurity markers and their fate and tolerance study

    Control strategies for RSMs and intermediates; specifications for intermediate, and APIs

    Analytical development & method validation

    cGMP manufacturing at kilogram-scale

    Custom Synthesis

    Lakestar has a strong technical team, and capable of transferring lab technologies to production seamlessly. We can carry out production at kilogram to hundreds metric ton scales. Lakestar has special technologies to carry out production on hydrogenation, cryogenic operation, and hazardous reactions, such as oxidation, nitration, diazotization, chlorination and bromination, etc.

  • Product #:LK-001
  • CAS#:21582-51-4
  • Name:2-methylthieno[2,3-d]pyrimidin-4(3H)-one
  • Purity:166.20
  • Spec:C7H6N2OS
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