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    Production & Technology


    100 reactors, total 500 m³, 1000~8000 liters, operating temperature at -10~150℃

    5 cryogenic reactors, 1000~3000 liters, operating at as low as -100°C

    2 hydrogenation vessels (3000L), pressure and temperature can reach 6MPa and 200°C


    Lakestar's capable production team is composed of experienced technicians and skilled operators, can carry out safe productions for

    Metalation under anhydrous conditions, such as Grignard and n-BuLi reactions, etc.

    Hazardous reactions such as oxidation, nitration, diazotization, chlorination, hydrogenation, etc.

    Reactions using sodium cyanide, sodium azide, etc.

    Production team will conduct process safety assessment, and process modification before production to ensure efficiency.


    Lakestar complies with all government requirements for safety measure and environment protection.